Public Relations

Deploy a PR Campaign That Grabs Attention & Tells Your Story

Effective PR campaigns have the power to change the world and reshape the conversation around your industry. 

As a thought leader, you can strategically help shape the conversation while incorporating your brand and offers into the dialogue. 

Powerful PR campaigns are the gifts that keep on giving in the form of community awareness, credibility, and partner opportunities. 

"If you don't tell your story, someone else will."

Tech Start Digitalists can help you strategize an effective public relations campaign to help you generate attention in the public.

  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Pitching for Guest Opportunities
  • Done For You Press Releases & Pitcher Pages
  • Dedicated Media Stories

PR Pricing per Project

PR PItcher Page

$ 150 Per Sheet
  • Done For You Pitcher Page
  • Designed for Entrepreneurs

Podcast Placement

$ 200 Per Episode
  • Podcast Placement
  • Content Engine Per Episode
  • Done For You Distribution

Feature Story

$ 300 Per Story
  • 1x1 Media Interview
  • Feature Story Online
  • Done For You Distribution